SvR game loops

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SvR game loops

Post by Christopher »

There's something I've always wondered, and have been pondering again recently. (Apologies if this has been addressed before and I just missed it.)

In SmackDown vs Raw 2009 through 2011 most of the themes run to 3:10, though many of those loop at some point later in the song (usually around 2:20 to 2:50). For example, Torrie Wilson's theme in 2009 loops at 2:20 back to 0:21, but in 2008 it doesn't loop (though those themes only run to 2:55). There is also a unique part later in London and Kendrick's "New Rockers" that I believe we didn't know about until the theme was released on Uncaged X because the theme was looped in the game before that section starts.

My question is, were those loops made by WWE (i.e. official arena loops) or were they done by the game's developers to extend the themes to 3:10?
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Re: SvR game loops

Post by bubbafan2 »

A good question, but I don’t think any answer is guaranteed to be consistent between games, or even between individual themes.

What I can tell you is…
Years ago (around the mid 2000s) I noticed Booker T’s theme was looped very strangely in a game (I don’t recall which one). I went to a live WWE event where his music played for a long time, so I made sure to pay attention to the loop…and it was the same as in the game. Make of that what you will.
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Re: SvR game loops

Post by Leaf »

For every track that is used on arenas, WWE make a looped version, which is what they sometimes submit to their game developers whether it's Yuke's or Visual Concepts.
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