The Professor (Serena Deeb)

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The Professor (Serena Deeb)

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I'm coming to educate
But if we Warren G
Then Imma regulate and break student bodies down like a heavyweight
Couple licks and them suckers gettin' eaten
[?], if they distance foul
Get the towel and disembowel
See this pop quiz is on massive aggression
I'm drastically stretching, if they get out my mastery question
When this professor bring the pressure, it's the dangerous kind
Even Charles Xavier wouldn't be playing with minds

Past the future reverse (flash of attention)
A professor professing
Confessing, come get your blessing
I feel cool with them lessons, I feel cool with them tests
Scantron I'm beyond, this is lyrical flexin' (yeah)
Masters and bachelors I'm crushing you actors
Ambassador, my PhD means I already passed ya'
Imma scholar you daughters
Maneuvers of knowledge
Knowledge straight from the father
Head of class, no one sharper

This is the final exam and you’ve got a fight on your hands that kind of demands
Bart Simpson when he gets detention
I'll leave you right on your stand
This game star ain't Jadakiss
And his teacher smoking like Ms. Krabappel
Tell groundskeeper Willy bring a mop cause I'm about to smack the piss up out you
And if we get into a fist fight, guarantee it be a comedy
Don't know the damage I'll do to your body
Only way that its ending is violently
Told y'all there ain't nobody stoppin' me
So throw shots like a dart board and your future will sound painful as you get nailed on a chalkboard

Professor on beats
Carnivores so lets eat
University, they nursering why would they compete
First get a cap and gown, higher learning is now
I raised the bar with bars, examine my crown
Spittin' jewels, I elevate, dude never touchin' the ground
Summa cum laude, my mind is around, the shells hit the ground
Bow, bow, your new sensai is in town, now, now, now, now, now, now
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