I Does It (Doudrop)

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I Does It (Doudrop)

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I live It
I love it
I do it
I does it
When I pull up
It's goin down (down)

Got haters, cuz thats what winners make 'em
Top rated
They could taste the jealousy
I see they faces
I been underestimated
I just tighten up my laces
They could get it
Now I'm breakin' heads
On a case by case basis

That’s right
Ya should be scared of me
Put 'em down
Like that DDT
I'm a beast, yeah

I came to get what's mine
I can see the finish line
I can see the championship
It's me takin' home the prize
I got a feeling they all gonna feel it
The boom that I'm bringing
It's shaking the ceiling
I'll break through the ceiling
There's no way to stop me
I'm bout to kill it
Ya got me, ya got me, uh huh

That’s right
Yeah ya should be scared of me
I'm takin' no prisoners
I'm buildin' a legacy
Tossin' my hair
While delivering defeat
Put 'em down
Like that DDT
I'm a beast, yeah
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