The Random Theme Info Thread

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Re: The Random Theme Info Thread

Post by bubbafan2 »

I wasn’t sure where to ask this. The shout box didn’t seem appropriate, nor did Goldust’s theme listing page.

This video features a “stereo mix” of Goldust’s Golden Desire:

According to the notes, it may have been created using 2 separate mono game rips, one which was the left channel and one right channel, mixed together.

I’m trying to verify if this is legit info, or if some fan just made it in “faux” stereo. AFAIK, the only sources for the full version of Golden Desire are the In Your House games and the official Uncaged release, all of which are mono. When I isolate the channels of this stereo mix, they do not sound like any of those sources, and more like someone just added reverb or sweetened it somehow to make it sound better (and to be fair, this stereo mix sounds REALLY good).

I know the In Your House game came out for PS1, Saturn, and MS-DOS. Is it possible different versions of the game contained different stereo channels of Golden Desire? (I currently only have the PS1 rips handy). I honestly don’t think the Uncaged release would factor in at all because the audio quality is so bad, but who knows.

Anyway, does anyone have any information about this, or does anyone have In Your House Saturn or PC music rips they could share?
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Re: The Random Theme Info Thread

Post by Christopher »

I found snovak1223's rip of the PC version of In Your House on the forums which thankfully is still active. Here is Goldust's theme: ... t.mp3/file

KHInsider has a rip of the Saturn version of the game. Here is Goldust's theme: ... ome/09.mp3

I downloaded both tracks and, to me, they are identical to the PS1 version (except the last few seconds of the track from the Saturn version are cut off). They sound the same and even the waveforms seem virtually identical. I'm not sure how that stereo mix was made, but I don't think it was a mix of different game rips (unless I'm just not hearing the differences which is entirely possible).
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