Bow Down (King Woods)

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Bow Down (King Woods)

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Bow down
Bow down
Bow down
Yeah, it's time

Bow Down
Can't stop, can't quit, gotta make 'em (bow down)
Goin' in for the win, imma make 'em (bow down)
Yeah, got the world up in my hands and they know just who I am when they see me imma make 'em (bow down)

(Feel good to be the king, this is destiny right here, you know the deal)

Bow Down
They couldn't stop me no matter how hard they try
Step into the spotlight and now I feel alive
Under pressure, underrated yeah thats just the way I grind (just the way I grind, way I grind)
'Cus it's mine yeah it's mine yeah

Yeah it's all eyes on me
What I smell right now, one thing, victory
I may trip but never fall
Enemies who's standin' tall?
And my name you hear them call
And you know imma make 'em bow down!
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