Heart of a Lion (Nikkita Lyons)

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Heart of a Lion (Nikkita Lyons)

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I’m here for it all
Whatever it takes, I’m taking it all
Look in my eyes, heart of a lion, face of a doll
Don’t be surprised, been through the fire, it’s getting warm
Ice in my veins, simple and plain
Now you’ve been warned

Who’s the best, yeah time will tell
Had to stand up when I fell
Keep my head up, scream and yell
Born to win, I’ll give them hell

Heart of a lion
Surviving the game
We had to hustle
I live through the pain
Nothing can stop me
I’m on my way
Roar of the lions
Free from the cage

Born for the fight
Yeah I’m the type, just living my life
This is my dream, you hear the screams, you see the lights
I’m on the rise, climb to the top, eyes on the prize
No one but me, ain’t hard to see
I have arrived!
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