One Shot (Remix) [Lee Johnson]

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One Shot (Remix) [Lee Johnson]

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One Shot (Remix):

Heart’s of a king
Mindset to win
Go hard in the ring
From beginning to end
Facin’ all my fears
Lay ‘em all to rest
I’m finally here
Time to focus on the best

It’s the two on two with the two on one
The night of Mr. 4.0
They hold [?]
The Salmonella Fitzgerald
Scattin’ with contamination
Admiration for the spaces at the top spot that’s vacant

I can walk the walk
Got the brass
Got the heart
Got the will
Got the skills
And yes, I can talk the talk
Give it all I got, make the best of one shot
Knock it out the box every time opportunity knocks

Basic cable, know we’re channeling the flow,
Damage and control
Rhythm nations, thinking Janet wouldn’t know
Please, we on the worded
Pulling our purses for the fight that you hear in the verses
Let’s go!

You gonna feel the flowy and probably start dispersing
Grabbin’ championships off the ladder for emerging
Merging the titles with [?] full of cost to run it then
So fly
I’m so fried rice
Stay under wings

It’s been too long playing the side lines
It’s been too long being on this grind
I’m ready to show the world that it’s my time
Without a doubt I’m ready to show how I shine

Givin’ advice to the authentic
Cause honestly, who needs a replication of a false image
This energy, all positivity, [?]
And my views that’s adjacent to victory within invulnerability

Bet on yourself, trust the process
Silence the doubt
We’re past the nonsense
Fight for your dreams
I’m living proof
I’m here now, man, you should’ve never let me loose!
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